About the Foundation

The Cordare foundation was established with the aim of helping the people in need, in particular gifted children and teenagers, whose the standard of living hasn’t allowed to fully develop possibilities in the field of education. Creation of the Foundation took place not accidentally in the Year of the Mercy. Reflection over the mercy is automatically forcing the need to practise it in the everyday life. Thereby the help for others cannot be treated by the Christian only as the normal hobby. The practising imperative of mercy is the underlying reason for setting up the Foundation. A Latin word misericordia (mercy) was an inspiration for the foundation name Cordare. Its etymology refers to three words miser (poor), cor (heart), dare (to give). Hence the name is Cordare that means to give the heart.

The Cordare foundation is a non profit organization, therefore all donations are being allocated for the statute purposes, for the needy. In order to guarantee its non-profit status, members of the foundation’s administration and council has resigned from being employed by the Foundation and throughout that fact the transparent financial management is being provided. The main goal of the Foundation is to admit annual scholarships for the most talented pupils and students who need the financial aid. We also would like to direct our help as much as possible to the beneficiaries such as Hospice or the Single Mothers House, because also these institutions undertake the difficult service to the needy.

Priest Dr. Robert Biel is the founder and the leader of the Cordare Foundation, who created it along with a group of friends.